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 Aron Oliphant

Aron / Aaron Oliphant 
Birth 17 Feb 1788  Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 29 Aug 1868 (aged 80) 
Burial Springcreek Cemetery  Mississauga, Peel Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada 
Plot Section A49, Plot #59
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Headstone for Aron / Aaron Oliphant: Springcreek Cemetery, Clarkson (Mississauga), Peel Regional Municipality, Ontario, Canada


Aron / Aaron OLIPHANT

Son of Peter OLIPHANT (1762-1846)

Half-brother of Peter S. OLIPHANT (1805-1902)

Great-Great-Uncle of Ennis C. OLIPHANT (1902-1969) of Niagara County, NY, USA



Aron OLIPHANT was a son of Peter OLIPHANT (1762-1846). His mother was probably Peter's first wife, Eve KRIBS / CRIPPS, although some researchers list him as the son of Peter's secong wife, Elizabeth ('Betsy') SCOFIELD (1768-1826). He was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania February 17, 1788 (His father was also born in PA). He married 3 times. He married his first wife, Catherine HENDERSHOTT (1779-1848) in 1806 in PA. Aron married his second wife, Elizabeth (1800-1861) (a widow of Fancis BLAIR) in 1848. Aron married his third wife, Sarah CARKRIFF in 1862. Aron OLIPHANT died August 29, 1868.

Aron OLIPHANT preceeded his parents and sibblings, arriving in Upper Canada / Canada West, in what is now Ontario, as early as 1806, settling in what is now Halton County, ON. His parents were still in Herkimer County, NY, where his half-brother, Peter S. OLIPHANT was born in 1805. The family was still in Herkimer County, NY during the 1810 Census, but apparently migrated to Canada sometime before the War of 1812. The family settled in the Clarkson area (now part of Mississauga), in what is now the Region of Peel. Many members of this family, including Aron OLIPHANT and his wives, are buried in Springcreek Cemetery, Mississauga, ON, Canada.

Having preceeded the family to Canada about 1806, Aron became a Private in the 2nd Regiment, York Militia (York was the previous name for Toronto), fighting on the British side during the War of 1812. Aron OLIPHANT's Regiment fought with Sir Issac Brock at the Battle of Queenston Heights Aron Oliphant did not participate, because he was "on Furlough" at the time of this Battle (October 13, 1812). See PAY RECORDS below.

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Transcripts of Documents of the 2nd Regiment of York Militia
During the War of 1812
Taken from
Library and Archives Canada
R1022-11-6-E, Upper Canada Militia Records
Volume 16
Revised July 4, 2010
Transcribed by Fred Blair
This is a transcription of documents from Volume 16, one of 39 volumes of pay records and accounts of the Upper Canada Militia at the time of the War of 1812. Microfilmed copies of these documents were obtained from the Canada Archives in Ottawa.

The 2nd Regiment of York Militia was drawn from men living at the Head-of-the-Lake in the townships that are now part of Peel, Halton, and Wentworth Counties. Militia laws at times required all men from 16 to 60 to report for muster duty in the regiment in their area. The muster rolls therefore also served as a census of who was living in the area. Over 800 men’s names appeared in these payrolls from 1812 to 1814. Men did not always report for duty in the same company or even the same regiment. A number of men from the 2nd York also served in the 5th Lincoln.

Names may have been spelled differently on different payrolls and even on subsequent copies of the same payrolls. The assumption can usually be made that a given name belonged to only one man but there were a number of families with two or more generations of men with the same name. There were also a number of large families living in the area but all the men sharing that surname were not necessarily related.

Documents 226 to 228
June 29 to Oct. 24, 1812
Second Regiment of York Militia
Captain John Chisholm’s Company

[Signed Feb. 26, 1813 by John Chisholm at Queenston. Signed by Will Crooks J.P. Documents 230 and 231 had the same muster but without the dates served. It was signed by Thos. M Cormack, Pay Master.]

No. Rank and Names From To Days Remarks
13 Aaron Alefont Sept. 25 Oct. 24   on Furlough
19 Danl. Greenes Sept. 25 Oct. 24 30  



"Aaron Alefont" is Aron OLIPHANT, who was "on Furlough" September 25 - October 24, 1812

"Danl. Greenes" is Daniel GRINNIS (GEENIAUS). Daniel GEENIAUS' sister, Catharine GREENIAUS, married Hiram W. OLIPHANT, a Half-brother of Aron OLIPHANT.












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