Family History & Genealogy in Niagara County, NY

Canadian OLIPHANTs

Aron OLIPHANT was the first known OLIPHANT of our family to migrate to Canada, arriving about 1806 in what is now Halton County, Ontario, Canada. His parents and other family members followed him sometime between 1810 and 1812, arriving in what is now Mississauga, Region of Peel, ON, Canada.

Peter S. OLIPHANT (1805-1902) Born in Herkimer County, NY, migrated with his parents to Clarkson (now part of Mississauga), Peel County, ON, Canada. Peter S. OLIPHANT arrived in Lockport, Niagara County, NY in 1826. His brother, Hiram W. OLIPHANT also arrived about this time. They both briefly owned property in Lockport. Hiram sold his property and moved to Monroe County, NY. Peter S. OLIPHANT also sold his property in Lockport. Peter S. Oliphant lived in the Town of Cambria, Niagara County, NY with other members of his family. Peter was married 3 times, and had children by his first and third wives. The Niagara County Oliphant Families descend from Peter and one of those two wives Diana Fuller & Anna Augusta PIERCE). Peter S. OLIPHANT, his son, R.E. Lee OLIPHANT, and his grandson, Ennis C. OLIPHANT, are all buried in the same plot in North Ridge Cemetery, Niagara County, NY. Other OLIPHANT family members are also buried in this cemetery. Some family members are buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery in Lockport, NY.

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Canadian OLIPHANTs & Relatives

Aron OLIPHANT: United Empire Loyalist

Peter OLIPHANT: 1762 - 1846

Hiram W. OLIPHANT: 1800 - 1864


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Scottish, English & American OLIPHANTS

OLIPHANT History in Scotland & England

OLIPHANT Family Tree

Duncan OLIPHANT: 1673 - 1734

James OLIPHANT: 1724 - 1816

Peter OLIPHANT: 1762 - 1846

Peter S. OLIPHANT: 1805 - 1902

William M. OLIPHANT: 1850 - 1889

Clarence C. OLIPHANT: 1882 - 1942

Clarence E. (Pete) OLIPHANT: 1917 - 1976

Robert E. Lee OLIPHANT: 1865 - 1947

Ennis Carew OLIPHANT: 1904 - 1969