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To the best of my knowledge, Duncan Oliphant (1682-1734), of Staten Island, NY, and Amwell Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ, was one of the founders of W. New Jersey and an owner of a large plantation, “Oliphant Mills,” he was, according to most recent researchers, most probably the son of David Oliphant—not his brother John and wife Janet Gilchrest, as has long been asserted—whose parents, Laurence and Lilias Oliphant, were both part of the Oliphants of Gask, in Scotland. Born in Perthshire, Scotland, in 1682, Duncan reportedly arrived in Staten Isl. around 1695. Sometime during the first decade of the 18th century, he married Mary Garrison, with whom he had 9 children. His name appears on the Staten Island census of 1706 and records indicate that he was appointed constable of North Precinct in 1709. He moved to East Amwell, NJ, sometime between 1721 and 1723, and seems to have spent the remainder of his life in one Hunterdon Co. location or another. In 1726, he was appointed overseer of the poor for Amwell Twp.

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                        Duncan Oliphant: Chronology

1682:                Born, Perthshire, Scotland
                        About 1695: Arrived at Staten Island, NY  (there, attended Old Dutch Church)
1702:                Married Mary Garrison, Staten Island, NY
                        (some sources give date as 1707/1708)
1706:                Census, Staten Island, NY
1709:                Birth of daughter Margaret, Staten Island, NY (19 Apr.)
1709:                Appointed Constable of North Precinct, Staten Island, NY (5 Apr.)
1712/1713:        Birth of son David, Staten Island, NY (1 Mar.)
1715:                Birth of son John, Staten Island, NY; was in the north company of militia
1717:                Birth of son Ephraim
1721:                Birth of daughter Mary, Staten Island, NY
1721/1723:        Moved to East Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ;
                        reportedly purchased a large tract of land in Hopewell Twp., Burlington Co., NJ
1723:                Birth of daughter Ann, Hunterdon Co., NJ
1724:                Birth of son James, Hunterdon Co., NJ
                        Descendants of James Oliphant:
                        Peter Oliphant >Peter S. Oliphant >R.E. Lee Oliphant >Ennis Carew Oliphant
                        Peter Oliphant >Peter S. Oliphant >William M. Oliphant >Clarence C. Oliphant
1724:                Tax List, Hunterdon Co., NJ
1725:                Tax List, Hunterdon Co., NJ; living in Ringoes, Hunterdon Co., NJ;
                        received in trust, along with Jno Knowles, a grant of 11 acres from Wm. Lummox
                        for the construction of an Anglican church
1726:                Tax List, Hunterdon Co., NJ;
                        with John Holcombe, chosen a Freeholder, Amwell Twp., NJ (14 Mar.)
1726:                Birth of son Jonathan
1726:                Overseer of the poor, Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ (14 Mar.)
1727:                Tax List, Hunterdon Co., NJ;
                        witness, will of John Knowles of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ (28 May)
1728:                Birth of son Samuel
1728:                Tax List, Hunterdon Co., NJ
1732:                Mention of a Wm. Allen living on his farm in Amwell Twp., NJ;
                        will (12 Feb.; proved 7 Aug. 1734)
1734:                Died, Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ (7 Aug.; bur. in St. Andrews Graveyard, NJ)                       












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